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Soleil Energy

Sustainably Powering Life.


Born from innovation and the need to create a positive and sustainable impact on the communities where we live, Soleil Energy created the blueprint to help build communities that contribute zero pollution to the environment.

Our first-of-its-kind virtual power plant is a turn-key solution. Utilized in commercial, industrial, and residential communities, our virtual power plant allows these communities to reduce their environmental impact and, in some cases, provide clean, renewable energy to those around them. Strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Sonnen Inc. and Rocky Mountain Power allow us to provide revolutionary energy solutions to multi-family apartment complexes, commercial office buildings, and industrial business parks.

Soleil Energy’s experienced, renewable energy team operates with the primary focus of creating sustainable energy solutions that can power your project, and power your life. Our engineers optimize product design and integration to identify or create the maximum utility incentive and financial returns.

Soleil Energy is there with you from the beginning to ensure we find the best sustainable energy solution for your project. Our team works tirelessly to ensure project feasibility based on local utilities, municipalities, battery storage solutions, and solar production. Once planning and pre-development are complete, we don’t pass you off to someone else to finish the job. Soleil Energy provides engineering, procurement, and construction services for renewable microgrids, virtual power plants, and utility integrated systems.

Soleil Energy helps you create a vision for sustainable energy, and we stay with you until that vision is a reality. So, together, we can make a positive impact on the environment in your community.

Soleil Energy – Sustainably powering life.